Goddess Pele, the deity of fire, lightning, wind and volcanic activity is a revered ancestor of many families in Hawaii. Her influence reaches everywhere on the planet. On the south of the Island of Hawaii, Pele leads Earth's biggest current construction project, building the island of Hawaii into the next major continent.

Tūtū Pele is the ultimate creative goddess. Her essence is change. Change is what most people fear the most, because they can't predict the result. Creation is change. The birth of continents from Pele's lava is change. In 2018, Pele created 875 acres in four months on the south shore of Hawaii, without one single human life being lost.

Some public “wisdom” about Pele is incorrect. For example, the claim that Pele is a vengeful, destructive deity who unleashes fiery death on people whom she decided to punish. Or that you must not touch her lava or untold pilikia (trouble) shall befall you.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Pele is building a whole continent for us, residents of Hawaii. One builds such a monumental gift only for someone whom one truly loves. To accomplish the task, Pele’s lava must mix with the ocean. Note how considerately Pele is doing it, running 99% of the lava underwater. How the lava avoids thickly populated towns to the extent it can. Some houses do get covered (slowly and carefully) by lava because it must follow the path of steepest descent to the ocean, "Pele's Highway". If Pele wanted to hurt people, she could cover all of Kona, or Hilo, or Honolulu  in mere seconds. Observe how this is not happening.

Now let’s look at the idea that one must not touch Pele’s lava. Yes, it is true that one should not break off a part of Pele’s rock in the national park for a souvenir. Just as one shouldn’t break off a piece of the White House’s or Monticello’s wall for a souvenir. It’s called vandalism and theft and there are laws against both. However this does not mean one must not take and use any lava for anything, ever. How could anyone not use lava, when, if you live in Hawaii, you walk on lava all day long? That’s using it too. If your driveway contains cinder, if your house is built on a rock foundation, it’s Pele’s lava that was taken and used again. If you eat fruits, vegetables, meat, fish or drink spring water from Hawaii, all these contain elements from Pele’s lava. So does all local wood, sand and gravel. You could not walk, eat, build a house, have a garden, shower or go to the beach without taking or using Pele’s lava. And it’s all pono (proper), because Pele wants you to use her lava. She made it for you. She even delivered it to you. Can you take a hint?

A person who claims that one must not take and use any lava for anything is either honestly confused or does not have the best interest of Hawaii’s people at heart. What if I told you: that river of lava flowing towards a building could be more valuable than the building? Now I got your attention. Lava is literally prosperity coming to people. This has nothing to do with some symbolic disaster relief funds. Scientists are only beginning to talk about lava’s various properties and how valuable some of those can be. No one ever told you this, did they. Pele told me to open your eyes. Without loud, drum beating publicity, or our beloved island will get overrun by greedy speculators as Waikiki was. First absorb this information and pass the word around you to the worthy. I will reveal more, including answers such as how not to lose one's house to lava ever again (even in South Puna), when Pele tells me to proceed.